Great Reason to Buy a Tablet

Great Reason to Buy a Tablet.

2014 Contixo Q103 10.1 inch Tablet PC Quad Core Google Android 4.4 KitKat

2014 Contixo Q103 10.1 inch Tablet PC Quad Core Google Android 4.4 KitKat

With so many Tablets coming up in the market, users have got a wide array of selections available to them. Apple iPad has already set a benchmark in the Tablet industry.

Many new Tablets are on its way to offer tough competition to iPad. Some of them are Xoom, Playbook, TouchPad, and Galaxy Tab.

Therefore, what makes the Tablet PC such an invincible device? Let us look at the reasons for buying a Tablet PC:

Makes excellent e-readers:

It gives a new dimension to the reading experience of the users. Although some users are not happy with the legibility of the text in Tablets, it is better than Kindle. It also offers colorful pages for kid’s books something that Kindle cannot beat.

Better than older laptops:

It is better to have a Tablet than an old laptop computer because Tablet can manage more content than a two-year-old laptop computer. On top of it, users can even install modern games and apps in Tablets.

Works as a resource for meetings:

It is easy to carry, are extremely smartphone. It is very easy to take notes on Tablets. Users can even enjoy games like Angry Birds on mute during free time.

2014 Contixo LA970 9.7 inch Tablet PC Quad Core Android 4.4

2014 Contixo LA970 9.7 inch Tablet PC Quad Core Android 4.4

Works best for sharing pictures and 1-on-1 presentations:

It is very easy to share pictures through Tablets. It is specifically a boon for insurance agents, real estate folks, and salespeople. Users can even give a 1-on-1 presentation through Tablets.

Gives enriching experience for watching movies or videos and listening music:

It gives the flexibility to the users to enjoy high-quality movies or videos at their own convenience. They can even listen to high-quality music anytime and anywhere.

Provides distinct advantage to the customers while traveling:

It usually works on Wi-Fi and 3G networks. The big screen and excellent storage space for maps, guides, and dictionaries make it favorite amongst travelers.


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  1. 2014 CONTIXO In any size. I purchased 3 of them for Christmas Gifts. The embarrassment of having to return them for replacements which were not return as the same model(which still didn’t work) then finally the experience have returning them for more expensive Samsung Tablets was bad. Not mentioned the expense of replacing all the Tablet Covers. The company was very untrustworthy. The only plus factor was that they were ordered from Amazon who notice the very strange behavior of the company and discounted my Samsung replacements.

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