SquareTrade 5-Year TV Protection Plan ($1000-$1250)

SquareTrade 5-Year TV Protection Plan ($1000-$1250)

SquareTrade 5-Year TV Protection Plan ($1000-$1250)

SquareTrade 5-Year TV Protection Plan ($1000-$1250)

The Number 1-Buyer Rated Warranty. Proven to Delight Amazon Customers. Let’s encounter it, warranties have gotten a negative name. But SquareTrade is changing that.

With low costs, award-winning customer service, and thousands of five-star reviews, SquareTrade is proven to delight Amazon customers.

A SquareTrade Protection Plan protects your TV from regular mechanical and electrical failures. All Mechanical or Electrical Failures from Daily Use.

TV’s have complicated internal parts that can fail during normal use, even years after your purchase.

Speaker/Sound Failures: No audio, low audio, or static could imply broken speakers or other audio malfunctions.

Power Supply Burnout: If the Television will not power on and there is an electrical smell in the air, the power supply may be burnt out.

Bulb Failure: Plasma and flat-panel LCD TV’s have non-consumer replaceable bulbs. If one goes out, so will the picture.

During the manufacturer’s warranty period, SquareTrade will refer you to the manufacturer for any problems they cover.

SquareTrade does offer additional benefits including power surge protection.

Excellent Warranty Features: Excellent Value, Get the peace of mind for pennies a day over the lifetime of your device. Manage Online, You can view, print, cancel, transfer your warranty on SquareTrade’s website, and even file a claim online and track its progress.

Cut the Paperwork, Fax or e-mail SquareTrade your product receipt at any time, and they will store it as proof of purchase. Cancel Anytime, In the first thirty days, you may cancel for a full refund.

After that, you have reimbursed the unused part of your service plan. For example, if you cancel your three-year service plan, after eighteen months with no claims, you will get 50% of your money back.

No-Cost Transfer, If you sell or gift your device, you can transfer your warranty at no cost. SquareTrade Care Plans are excellent value and price 60% lower on average than standard warranties.

Upon purchase, you will get an e-mail confirmation. You will not be mailed a paper contract. If you have questions, you should call 1.877.Warranty.

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