Why Android Tablets Are Better Than Apple iPad

Why are Android Tablets Better Than Apple iPad?

Android Tablet and Apple iPad

Android Tablet and Apple iPad

Today’s new must-have device is the Tablet. And selecting that among the many brands to purchase can be a daunting task.

Some people think that Apple’s iPad is the best since its launch can be credited with bringing the Tablet mainstream, but a year after, other brands gave customers plenty more choices.

Google Android-powered Tablets are now the top competitors of the Apple iPad. Though Apple was the first to launch Tablets, Android Tablets have become a favorite among techies and non-techies.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose Android Tablets over the Apple iPad:



Size – The Apple iPad came in only one size, with dimensions at 9.56 x 7.47 x 5 inches. But now we have the iPad mini 3 with the 7.9 inches display and thinner body.

If you think that the iPad is just a big iPhone, then the iPhone could count as a smaller version. Unlike the iPad, Android Tablets come in a variety of sizes since they are built by different companies.

The 5-inch Tablets are just slightly bigger than popular touchscreen smartphones. With an Android, you can go bigger or smaller, an option that you can’t have the iPad.

NeuTab N10 Tablet PC 10.1 inch Quad Core Google Android 4.4 KitKat

NeuTab N10 Tablet PC 10.1 inch Quad Core Google Android 4.4 KitKat

Multitasking – Some Android Tablets run dual-core processors, equipping them with more than enough power to multitask.

Android 5.0’s new multitasking panel is also easy to bring up and navigate, it also delivers full previews of operating apps.

Apple has avoided this feature on the iPad primarily because of battery life and performance concerns.

Android Tablets can also be equipped with SMS and calling features just like a real smartphone.

Text on Tablet by installing Tablet Talk, it’s one of the best texting application for Android Tablets.

It lets your Tablet to link to your Android smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi so you can send and receive SMS through your Tablet.

With a texting application for Android Tablet, you don’t have to carry around two gadgets all the time.

Price – The Apple iPad is said to be the rich man’s option. Even the iPad, that was predicted to be Apple’s move into more inexpensive Tablets, turned out to still be expensive.

Android Tablets are certainly much more lower-priced yet are packed with good features.

No Syncing – The iPad, as well as the iPod or iPhone, must be synced with iTunes using a computer to transfer downloads bought on the computer to the device.

With the Android Play Store, customers can buy applications on a computer and send them to the device without syncing.

Removable Batteries

Removable Batteries

Removable Batteries – If there’s one thing that’s irritating about the iPhone and the iPad, it’s the not removable battery. If you want to get it replaced, you have to get a whole new device.

Android Tablets not only have removable batteries, some also have slots for a memory card if need additional storage.


7 thoughts on “Why Android Tablets Are Better Than Apple iPad”

  1. Wow. All I can say is wow. The last two points are completely false. OK, now three reasons. Different sizes and lower prices are a plus, but what the article fail to mention is that there are, at the most, 5 companies that make a device with the same level of quality that Apple brings to the tablet. One great point that the article makes deals with multitasking, Erich has been a thorn in Apple’S side for some time. That thorn, however, will soon be removed by ios9. So, want to try again?

  2. The person who wrote this piece is biased…. No comparison btwn ios and d terrible android on most tablets…. Better build material on iPads… Arguably better apps on the app store… Who wrote this piece???

    1. Certainly this article is dated. However I really think there are some things that you need to check out for yourself.

      1. Apparently on your own IPad tablet, you don’t have a spell or grammar checker. My android has both.

      2. You really aren’t in the know regarding android Osses . Android tablets today are running at least Jellybean , KitKat, or Lollipop. These are excellent OSes.

      3. You certainly aren’t in the know regarding the quality of the new android tablets. For that matter, with the exception of weight, and thickness, I’d match my four year old rooted Xoom running a Cyanogenmod Kit Kat 4.4.4 Rom against any production model IPad for survivability and reliability. I had my hands on a new Samsung 10.5 yesterday. You talk about smooth, beautiful construction, and features. The IPad Air 2 has a lot of God qualities, but from the beginning, it’s not shown itself to be very survivable.

      4. Actually, at this point, for you to say that the IPad has “Arguably better apps on the app store?” , indicates an incredible ignorance of the present state of software development.

      By the way, I rather like SIRI as it does it’s job with personable reasonably accurate precision. While speaking to my tablet and saying “Oh Google”, might not be as personable, its response is nonetheless, accurate and precise.

      Also, multi-tasking had been mentioned in the article, and the previous response. Let me share this with you. Android doesn’t just do sequential tasking, (as most people understand multi-tasking), but with the proper software, is capable of doing true multi-threaded multi-tasking, and multi-windowing.

      Recently, Apple approved swipe keyboarding for the IPad. On my Android tablet I have the Adobe Swype keyboard, that, with the press of one key allows my tablet to take dictation, and convert this to text! In fact,I dictated this letter to my tablet, and only had to correct four words in the whole thing!

      Pretty amazing, Huh?

  3. I thought I’d give this an open minded read out of curiosity, but this article is flat out WRONG, or and other times, at best, subjective with weak arguments in favor.
    1) two sizes are often a better than having a variety of sizes. Two sizes may give you fewer size choices, but it also makes optimizing for screens more difficult.
    2) INCORRECT. the new operating system allows for multitasking.
    3) IPad mini 2 offers all the same features, minus the touch pay/login, and for a reduced price compared to it’s newer model. In fact previous models of Apple tablets are sold at a reduced price when new models come out, and some are kept on the market for a while as a more budget conscious price point for tablet shoppers.
    4) INCORRECT. You can buy music, apps and videos on any of your devices or computers and download them across them all without syncing.
    I’m all for insights into other devices, in fact I have tried out a variety of different tablets including the HD and HD+ Nook (both of which I liked quite a bit) and a couple of budget tablets (both stopped working within 3 months), but at least bring some accuracy to your reporting. The information here is biased and poorly researched.

  4. Oh, by the way, the tablet I wrote with yesterday was just upgraded to an Alpha version of Lollipop this morning. I did this do I can be of help in the developmental phases of a truly”Open Source” OS.

    This tablet I’m writing on is also one of these “Robust and reliable pieces of hardware”. Both of these tablets are Android, and both of them are incredible survivability machines. Like I said before, pd stand these two up against any IPad in terms of reliability and survivability, as well as being able to still keep up with the latest technologically.

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